Slovenian Food Day Is Celebrated on the Third Friday of November

Each year, on the third Friday of November, Slovenia celebrates the Slovenian Food Day. This holiday was established by the Slovenian Government six years ago. This year, the date of the celebration falls on the 16th of November.

The main objective of the project with the participation of several ministries and departments is to promote local food production, raise awareness of the importance of food security, inform young people about food production and promote healthy eating and lifestyle in general. This year, emphasis will also be placed on the importance of healthy soils for the production of safe and quality food.

On this day, a traditional Slovenian breakfast is cooked in kindergartens and schools around the country. Children eat locally produced food – bread, milk, butter, honey and apples.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food also invited educational institutions and other public services to celebrate Slovenian Food Day this year and purchase goods from local producers. For each child, the Ministry provided a discount of 0.52 EUR.