Slovenian Food Products Are Exported to China

The global market demonstrates huge interest in the high-quality “green” food products.

Ljubljana. Strengthening the cooperation between Slovenia and China in the field of agriculture during the last year gives remarkable results, including the field of exporting food products, fruit, and vegetables. The specialists of the relevant ministry came to such a conclusion. In recent time, this cooperation has strengthened a lot.

At first, the Chinese market was opened for Slovenian milk and dairy products. Now the procedure of export facilitation for raw and canned fish, poultry and other meat products as well as honey and its derived products has been rapidly developing. This topic was discussed during a two-day visit of the Chinese delegation headed by the Vice Minister of Agriculture Chen Xiao Hua. As Chen Xiao Hua and his Slovenian counterpart the Minister of Agriculture Dejan Židan stressed, it is important for both parties to promote economic cooperation in the field of agriculture.

“After four Slovenian milk processing factories were allowed to export dairy products of their five workshops to China, the first large export deals will be accomplished later this month,” Dejan Židan predicted and praised his Chinese guest for the opportunity to obtain a permit for exporting dairy products under a compact procedure. According to him, this year will be marked by the supply of Slovenian hops to China. During the first quarter of this year, the total export of hops to China amounted to almost 1 million euros, while for the entire previous year, this sum totalled to about 600 thousand euros.

In recent years, Slovenian winemakers have been successfully entering the Chinese market. However, in the event of special restrictions removal, the export of flour (baked) products would become possible. The Chinese partners are also interested in such a possibility since there are no special restrictions for this export or import to the Chinese market.

The situation is different for the products of animal origin, which require special import permits, and the registration procedure for which is too long.

The Chinese guest is satisfied with the cooperation that is increasingly strengthened. He sees a lot of potential in Slovenia, especially because this country offers unique high-quality products known as “green”.

He also would like the Slovenian stores to offer Chinese high-quality agricultural products to their customers. He did not specify which products exactly, however having noted that their companies must conduct an analysis of the Slovenian market.