Slovenian High-School Students Win at the Shalheveth Freier Physics Tournament

Slovenian high-school students confidently won in the international Shalheveth Freier Physics Tournament in Rehovot (Israel). Students of the Želimlje high school were second to none both in the overall standings and in the nomination “The Most Interesting to Participants Safe”, in which, according to the contest rules, pupils and high-school students competed in the art of fast safecracking.

The participating teams of the tournament presented safes to the jury, which could be cracked by solving one of three typical problems in physics. The team of Slovenian high-school students cracked 4 out of 6 safes announced at the contest. And their own safe appeared to be one of those 7 safes, which none of the teams managed to crack.

Overall rating of the tournament consisted of the following components: theoretical knowledge of physical elements, originality of the physical puzzles, success in safecracking by other teams, safe resistance to cracking, and the interest caused by safe in other participants. For the Israeli teams, which occupied high places, the contest results were counted as a practical part of the matriculation exam in physics.

The winners of the tournament, the Želimlje high-school students, are the acting vice-champions of Slovenia (according to the results of the “I saw, thought, cracked” (“Videl, premislil, odklenil” — in Slovenian)) contest held in January 2017 by Hiša eksperimentov. At that time, the students of the Novo Mesto high school became the champions of the country, who together with the students of the Želimlje high school participated in the international Shalheveth Freier Physics Tournament in Israel.

Members of the Želimlje high school team: Fabijan, Urh, Gregor, Filip, Martin, Jon, Larsen, Bianki, Domen and Luka. Team coaches are Petra Šlajpaha and Blaža Zabreta. Team curator is Miran Tratnik (Hiša eksperimentov).

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