Slovenian Homemade Wine Cviček Receives High Marks at the International Decanter Tasting Event in London

The famous Slovenian homemade wine Cviček (“Cviček od fare”) of the Frelih cellar from Šentrupert received 83 expert points out of 85 possible at the international Decanter tasting event in London. The Frelih wine cellar also received two bronze medals in London for Kappelman sparkling wines of 2008 verdemmia and Frelih brut rose. Winemakers explain the unexpected success of the Frelih wine cellar by the 120-year-old family tradition of manufacturing and product quality. Besides, they point out that their success means the recognition of the work of all winemakers throughout the Lower Carniola Region (Slovene: Dolenjska).

History of the Frelih wine cellar from Šentrupert proves that Slovenian homemade ordinary wine can have international popularity. 83 of 85 expert points (i.e. “nagrada commended” – honorary award) is a brilliant result for a debut performance at such a major international event.

Decanter nagradil cviček

Frelih Is a Family Tradition that Has Been Lasting for Already 120 Years

The tradition of winemaking in the family of Frelih has nearly 120 years. The greatest efforts on producing and promoting wines from the Frelih cellar were made by Josip Frelih, who became the first winemaker to raise the level of Cviček wine from an ordinary homemade jug wine to a brand product in branded bottles. He has devoted 30 years of his life to this business. Thanks to the hard work, he managed to successfully promote it in the market, and later to become the “ambassador” of Cviček wine, notes Veronika Frelih.

Josip Frelih was the first winemaker in the Lower Carniola Region, who started producing sparkling wines in the traditional method. After the sudden death of his son Peter, the family affair is lead by his daughter-in-law Veronika and his four children, while Josip Frelih just consults them.

Decanter nagradil cviček