Slovenian Mathematician Bojan Mohar Is Awarded by the Royal Society of Canada

Slovenian researcher Dr. Bojan Mohar is one of the 18 leading mathematicians who this year has received an award for outstanding achievements from the Royal Society of Canada.

The John L. Synge Award, which was presented to Bojan Mohar on Saturday, 17 November 2018, is the result of his research in topological graph theory. Although Mohar works at an abstract level, which is difficult for a non-specialist to understand, he is convinced that science and everyday life are very interrelated. His discoveries, even if they are only theoretical, sooner or later show practical significance.

In Canada, the achievements of Bojan Mohar as one of the leading experts in discrete mathematics (which is characterized by data processing in finite aggregates) were already noted in 2016, when he was awarded the Euler Medal. He received his first award in Slovenia, the Boris Kidrič Award, in 1990. A little over ten years ago, he became the Republican Ambassador for Science.

Bojan Mohar is a professor and former dean of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Ljubljana, a staff member of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics, and a staff member of the prestigious Canada Research Chair of the Canadian Simon Fraser University. According to the Google search engine, his article on Laplacian matrices was quoted almost 1,500 times. Bojan Mohar believes that the mathematician is the profession of the future.