Slovenian Mobile Market Introduces a New Operator — SoftNET

The SoftNET mobile operator will use the Telekom Slovenije mobile network to provide business customers with fixed telephony and broadband Internet access.

SoftNET becomes the third mobile communication provider in Slovenia, which uses the network of one out of four Slovenian mobile operators. Apart from Slovenia, the company provides telecommunications services in 16 countries of Europe and Asia.

Softnet Expects a Share of 2–3% in the Market of Mobile Services

At first glance, the introduction of a new service provider to the current mobile market in Slovenia, which has already been formed, seems an odd decision.

However, the director of the SoftNET Company Andrej Boštjančič believes that after including mobile communication into the package of services, they will be able to optimize the business offer mainly for its current business customers. As a competitive offer, the Company will propose its customers an effective support at all markets, in which they are present.

The SoftNET mobile company will work in the mobile network of the Telekom Slovenije company. The packages sold in Slovenia will include an offer for individual subscribers. SoftNET mobile will sell them through its partners for retail service of individuals, such as small cable operators.

Andrej Boštjančič expects that the market share of the SoftNET mobile operator in Slovenia will make 2–3%. It also plans to expand its mobile offer to other countries of the Central and Eastern Europe, in which the SoftNET already has its own network. Next year, SoftNET mobile expands its mobile offer for Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and later for other countries in the region.