Slovenian Mushroom Picker Finds a Boletus Weighing 1.4 Kg

Matevž Frlec from the village of Godešič found a giant mushroom. According to him, the season this year is awesome and he managed to gather quite a lot of mushrooms.

“We can most of the picked mushrooms, the rest I give to my friends. Most of all I like to collect mushrooms in September and October. Picking mushrooms is a rest and an unusual pleasure for me. I always go to Osolnik because this is my native land.”

As Matevž Frlec notes, a huge mushroom surprised him very much. Being cut, it weighs 1.4 kg and, despite the size, is not wormy.

“I found it very close to the Sora – Osolnik road. Such a mushroom really cannot be missed, so I am surprised that nobody had cut it before, because there are a lot of mushroom pickers and random passers-by. I had a too small basket for this mushroom, so I carefully carried it all the way in my hand,” he says.