Slovenian National Basketball Team Takes Gold at the European Championships

In the decisive match, the Slovenians beat the Serbs with a score of 93:85. For Slovenia, this is the highest sporting achievement in the men’s standings among all team sports.

Goran Dragić played brilliantly in the finals, gaining 35 points and setting a record of the current championships. In the decisive part of the match, Aleksej Nikolić replaced the tired captain. Klemen Prepelič also contributed to the success of the team gaining 21 points.

During the first 10 minutes of the match, the fight was equal. Blažič and Murić were the first to take a chance and scored the first 5 points for Slovenia. However, the Serbs, first of all Kuzmić, managed to give their team a lead (7:10).

Nevertheless, the Slovenians played excellently during the second quarter (36:25). After the first half of the match, the score was 56:47. In the third quarter, Serbia led (77:78), but Prepelič made a timely three-pointer. Gašper Vidmar also helped his team by blocking the opponents. After two free throws, Nikolić made the victory of Slovenia inevitable by bringing the score to 90:82.

In the match for the third place, Spain beat Russia with a score of 93:85.

European Basketball Championships, Finals:

Slovenia – Serbia

93:85 (20:22, 36:25, 15:20, 22:18).


Two-pointers: 21/37; 24/45,

Three-pointers: 8/26; 8/25,

Free throws: 27/32; 13/15,

Rebounds: 36; 36.

Match for the third place:

Spain – Russia

93:85 (21:13, 23:15, 21:27, 27:30).