Slovenian Photographer Srdjan Živulović Won the Pulitzer Prize

Slovenian photographer Srdjan Živulović (the Reuters Agency) received the Pulitzer Prize at the Columbia University in New York for a series of photos with refugees.

pulitzerjeve-nagradeThe migrant crisis has become one of the milestone events of the decade to the professional journalists and photographers, such as Srdjan Živulović. As Živulović personally notes, this event could not leave anyone indifferent. “You personally remain concerned about these events. You have to be focused, to pay attention to what you are doing, so as not to disturb people. If necessary, you should surely put off the camera and help. We, the people, should not be soulless machines, because these things touch our souls and remain in memory for a long time.”

Srdjan Živulović has been working in the Reuters Agency for already 25 years. In his comments, he said that those 17 photos taken by him could be compiled into one story, which was created by 8 photographers, each of whom worked in his or her native country.

The Pulitzer Prize, which in 2016 was presented for the 100th time, is considered one of the most prestigious awards for journalists in both the US and all around the world.

Other winners of the Pulitzer Prize-2016 were the photographers from the New York Times and the Reuters News Agency. The Grand Prix went to the Associated Press American News Agency for disclosing an illegal use of human labour in the South-East Asia fisheries that supply seafood to the United States.