Slovenian Schoolchildren Make a Christmas Wreath Weighing 600 Kg

The 4-graders of the School for Horticulture and Fine Arts in Celje spent three days to create the green part of the wreath. To decorate the wreath, Miha Drolc, Rebeka Robnik, Matic Cmerešek and Anja Knez—residents of the settlement of Črna na Koroškem—spent another three hours.

The schoolchildren tied the wreath so tightly that even the recent hurricane wind and heavy rains did not break it. To make the wreath, the children used branches of three big firs and 1 km of wire to tie them.

The Christmas wreath with a diameter of 5 metres, a thickness of 70 cm and weighing 600 kg adorns the square in front of the local Palace of Culture. It is wrapped around with 150 metres of light bulbs and is decorated with ribbons and silver tulle. The children also used 350 decorations of different sizes and shapes in a silvery-gold colour scheme.

The School for Horticulture and Fine Arts in Celje annually adorns a large Christmas wreath and exhibits it in the central square of the city for public viewing. This year it has first introduced the creation of its students in Carinthia.