Slovenian Scientists Discover an Important Property of the Magnetic Field

Scientists from the Jožef Stefan Institute (IJS) and the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics at the University of Ljubljana (FMF) have made an important discovery. It allowed researchers to discover an important property of the magnetic field, which is of great importance for the model of the system, over which science has been working for more than 40 years.

Scientists have discovered a high-temperature quantum spin liquid in a layered tantalum diolsulfide (TaS2) crystal. The research results are published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature Physics.

The head of the research team Denis Arčon from the Solid State Physics Department of the Jožef Stefan Institute notes that the spin liquid imparts a completely new state to the matter. For this reason, one can only guess at the potential of its use. One of the possibilities is the use in quantum informatics.

Slovenian researchers have established that the magnetic moments of electrons cease to self-organize even at -273.08 °C and in fact form a new state of a high-temperature quantum spin liquid. In addition, they have found that the state of the spin liquid in TaS2 remains at a rather high temperature (below -93 °C).