Slovenian Sculptor Receives Gold at the Exhibition in Paris

Within the framework of the 156th international exhibition opened in Carrousel du Louvre in Paris under the auspices of the French National Association of Arts, Slovenian artists received two awards.

Slovenian delegation included six artists, one sculptor and one photographer. Sculptor Marjan Mirt received a gold medal for the work “Broken Wings” and photographer Branimir Ritonja got a bronze medal for his photo “Arnuša.”

At the exhibition in Paris, Slovenia was also represented by artists Igor Orešič, Oto Rimele, Bogdan Čobal, Franc Skerbinek, Veljko Toman, Zdravko Luketič, Viktor Šest, and Rado Jerič. Their works were exhibited in the first of six halls surrounding the central hall of the exhibition, which mainly featured sculptures. Last year, according to organizers, 15 thousand guests attended a similar exhibition.

The exhibition was held on 6–10 December. The awarding took place on the closing day.

Marjan Mirt has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. His works can be seen in many cities of Slovenia as well as in the exhibition halls of Russia and Austria. Photographer Branimir Ritonja presented his photos on 600 collective and 52 author’s exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad.