Slovenian Skiers Ilka Štuhec and Domen Prevc Are the Leaders of Prize Rankings

In this season, skier Ilka Štuhec has already earned 188,300 Swiss francs, and ski jumper Domen Prevc – 53,000 Swiss francs.

During the first part of the winter competition 2016/17, skier Ilka Štuhec and ski jumper Domen Prevc unwittingly compete for the Slovenian Audience Choice Award. After successful starts in the first few rounds, they both have an equal number of wins – four.

Ilka Štuhec won 4 out of 6 rounds of the World Cup and took one fifth and one seventh place. She tops the ranking, having earned 188,300 Swiss francs (175,146 euros). Even the famous Austrian Marcel Hirscher managed to earn only 171,350 Swiss francs. In the women’s rankings, Ilka Štuhec is followed by Swiss Lara Gut with 172,600 Swiss francs, and the third place belongs to American Mikaela Shiffrin with 166,475 Swiss francs. Another Slovenian skier Ana Drev with 7,800 francs takes the 33rd place.

Awards in alpine skiing are significantly higher than in ski jumping (for winning skiers receive 45,000 Swiss francs, while ski jumpers – only 10,000 Swiss francs). Therefore, earnings of Domen Prevc are considerably leaner. At the age of 17, he managed to win a number of victories in the World Cup season. He earned 53,000 Swiss francs (49,297 euros) taking the first four places, as well as finishing in the second, sixth and thirteenth places.

The second place in this list belongs to Pole Kamil Stoch, who is far behind the leader, having 39,800 Swiss francs under his belt. Norwegian Daniel-Andre Tande is the third. He is the closest pursuer of the Slovenian ski jumper in the overall standings (540-382). At the first eight rounds of the season, he received 38,200 Swiss francs.

The last year’s winner of the World Cup in ski jumping, Peter Prevc, is on the 17th place (14,000 Swiss francs) after a not so successful start of the new season. Žan Kranjec is the 16th in the men’s standings with 14,000 Swiss francs (two fourth places), and the 17th place belongs to one more representative of Slovenia – skier Boštjan Kline (13,303 Swiss francs).