Slovenian Start-Ups Collected 1.8 Million Euros in 2016

According to expert Žiga Berce, last year 80 Slovenian start-ups on the crowdfunding platforms collected 1.8 million euros. In total, 16,057 persons supported them.

Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Adrifund are the most popular crowdfunding platforms among the aspiring Slovenian developers.

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Slovenian Start-Ups Are Successful by 38%

Out of 80 start-ups in Slovenia for the year 2016, 30 entities (38%) proved to be successful. The figures are provided by Žiga Berce, who successfully raised funds for the tabletop game Tracker on the Kickstarter platform three years ago. Today he helps budding entrepreneurs and advises prospective start-up developers. Last year, the Kickstarter platform brought success to 47% of Slovenian projects, which is far exceeding the average annual statistic (32–35%).

The total amount of funds raised in 2016 amounted to 1.8 million euros, which is much lower than a year earlier, but 300,000 euros more than it was planned to gather.

The most successful projects are the start-ups in the sphere of design and technology. The category of design, for example, features the most successful Slovenian Project 2016—the levitating turntable MAG-LEV, which gathered over 524,000 euros from 717 donors.

Nick Vene has prepared the most original Slovenian project. He has developed special belts that help a shirt not to “slip away” from pants (S-holder). Having presented his project in the midst of the advertising campaign (20 days before its completion), he expected to collect 5,000 euros, but the result surpassed the wildest expectations—83,000 US dollars (about 78,000 euros).

Slovenski startupi

Analytical Table by Žiga Berce.