Slovenian Wines Are the World Champions

The opening of the 58th International Exhibition “Vino Ljubljana” was accompanied by the presentation of state awards to the best Slovenian wines.

The Slovenian winemakers again were celebrating success during the international competition held in July. Four out of six sorts of wine, which received the highest marks from the jury and were awarded the champion title, were from Slovenia, and one — from Slovakia and Macedonia, respectively.

The Yellow Muscat “Vino Gaube” (vintage date of 2015) manufactured by the Štajerska winemaker Alojs Gaube received the highest marks and the champion title among the white dry wines. The champion title among sparkling wines went to the “Gourmet Rose”, vintage date of 2003 (the Istenič cellar), and “Zlata Radgonska Penina” (vintage date of 2012) from the Radgonske Gorice cellar, Gornja Radgona. For the sixth time in a row, the winemaker Jožef Prus from Bela Krajina with his “Sauvignon” (vintage date of 1999) was second to none in the category of natural sweet wines. The “Vino Grand Cuvée Lepovo” (vintage date of 2013) from the Macedonian Lepovo cellar was named the winner in the category of dry red wines, and the champion title among the category of rose wines was given to the “Cabernet Sauvignon Rose Premium” brand (vintage date of 2015) from the Chateau Modra cellar, Slovakia.

The Jožef Prus’s “Sauvignon” wine with the vintage date of 1999 became the undisputed champion out of all Slovenian wines. The Macedonian “Vino Grand Cuvee Lepovo” (vintage date of 2013) received the Tsukamoto Cup. The Vinofed Cup went to the Goriška Brda wine cellar for the “Cabernet Sauvignon Bagueri Superior” brand (vintage date of 2012). Jožef Prus also received the title of the Champion of Slovenia among varietal wines for his Yellow Muscat (vintage date of 2006). The Vinarstvo Colja d.o.o. Company received a special certificate for the “Refošk I.T.X. Old Teran” sort of wine (vintage date of 2005). The Jožef Prus’s “Sauvignon” wine was also awarded a special diploma in its category.

“We are proud of the level of Slovenian wine estimates and are glad to receive awards. For the six brands of wine sent for participation in the competition, we have received four gold and two big gold medals, titles of the champion of Slovenia and the world champion, two champions of Slovenia among varietal wines, and one champion of the country,” Jožef Prus said. In addition to the above-mentioned awards, Jožef Prus received the title of the Champion of Champions during the official ceremony, which was awarded by the Journalistic Commission headed by Tone Fornezzi Tofa.

The Minister of Agriculture of Slovenia Dejan Židan awarded the winemakers.