Slovenians Enter the Top List of Scientists in the Healthcare Industry

The Focus IN CD project presented by the Maribor scientists took the 6th place among 44 European projects in public health. It is dedicated to improving the living conditions of patients with celiac disease.

The shortlisting was held at the European Health Forum in Bad Gastein (Austria). The Forum organisers also announce the winners of the European Health Award. Awards will be presented on 4 October 2017.

The municipality of Maribor and its partners have been implementing the project since 1 June 2016. Though the project is focused on celiac disease, it is planned in such a way that the end result can be adapted to other chronic diseases. The complex treatment of patients involves participation of a family doctor, a medical specialist, a nurse, a nutritionist, and a psychologist.

When working on the project, the scientists paid much attention to analysing the situation in the treatment of celiac disease. The survey includes more than 6 thousand doctors and patients. Based on the results obtained, the project continues to develop. Thus, in June, an electronic brochure was published for health professionals to help in diagnosing patients with celiac disease. It is aimed at increasing the awareness of the disease and is available under the link. A reference book will also be published, containing basic information about the disease, a gluten-free diet and recommendations for patients.

It will take 36 months to implement the Focus IN CD project. The budget is 1.9 million euros. The main partner of the project is the municipality of Maribor. Twelve partners from the countries of Central Europe also participate in the project.

Focus IN CD is a revised version of the previously implemented LQ-CELIAC study of celiac disease, which was carried out by the Maribor Municipality, the University Clinical Centre of Maribor (UKC Maribor), the Slovenian Society for Celiac Disease, and the Hungarian partners within the Slovenia-Hungary Operational Programme 2007–2014.