Slovenians to Be Informed about Consular Support by SMS

Since 26 September, a new MFA service is available to subscribers of the A1 mobile operator. After crossing the border of another state, they will receive a free SMS-message with the important information about the state body, which can be applied for help in case of any difficulties.

It is about consular support, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides to citizens traveling abroad. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Karl Erjavec, the situation abroad keeps aggravating. He notes that citizens, in addition to standard problems (accident, theft or loss of documents), sometimes face terrorism and natural disasters.

The content of SMS differs depending on whether the Embassy of Slovenia is open in a particular country. If so, the message will include its phone number and address. If there is no embassy and Slovenia has not established diplomatic relations with the country, the message states that citizens can apply to the embassy of any EU country. Besides, a link is given to the MFA website with a list of representative offices of the EU member states.

The Minister notes that all mobile operators were invited to cooperate in the project, but currently the service is available only for A1 subscribers.

Users can both refuse it and reconnect. If they often travel to the same country or reside in the border zone, the notification will be activated once a month.