Smart Apartment in the Centre of Ljubljana Combines Modern Technology and Elegant Interior Design

The software engineer Gregor, with the help of high technology and original interior design, turned his housing into a smart object (“smart apartment”). He can open furniture, doors, a refrigerator just using his voice.

The apartment in the centre of Ljubljana was re-planned from two small flats and transformed into one big apartment. In addition to two bedrooms, it has a wellness room, a home office and a large living room that occupies almost half of the entire apartment area. It is distinguished by white glossy surfaces, emphasizing the sci-fi features of housing. The ideal whiteness of the interior is supplemented by warm wooden motifs.

The apartment has voice control of light and speakers, autonomous operation of dishwasher (the device itself determines when to add salt, powder and rinse). When the owner is absent, the apartment “simulates” his presence, “protecting” against possible robbery by automatically regulating shades and sources of artificial lighting.

Every morning, while cleaning teeth in the bathroom, the owner reads a weather forecast for the week, actual news and watches new photos from the Instagram network right on the mirror. The smart apartment system independently decides whether it is necessary to heat the room with air conditioning or floor heating, turn on the light when it is dark or the air-conditioning when the level of carbon dioxide and moisture rises.

The development of the apartment project was based on high technologies. The P PLUS architectural bureau has developed virtual spherical interior panoramas (renderers) with a customer access for each stage of the project. Gregor could make his proposals about the layout of the future housing.