SNG Ljubljana Drama Theatre to Be Overhauled in Ljubljana

The SNG Ljubljana Drama Theatre will be overhauled. A corresponding agreement on the preparation of project documentation has been signed between the management of the theatre and the Bevk Perović Architect Agency. As a result of the open, anonymous, two-stage state tender for architectural projects, this agency presented the best solution.

They plan to develop a project design during the period of 2019–2021 years. In 2022–2025, the repair and construction works will take place. In their course, the overhaul restoration and the energy rehabilitation of the existing theatre building will be carried out. In the new building of the theatre, the Big Hall with 430 seats, the Small Hall with 150–180 seats, and the Experimental Hall with 80 seats are provided. According to the project, the technical premises and warehouses will be transferred to Šentvid from the present building.

According to the Ministry of Culture, the cumulative budget for all works is estimated at 43.8 million euros. Of these, 25.1 million euros were allocated for the repair, construction and restoration works, and 18.7 million euros were provided for technological equipment of the building and related facilities.