Sonica Festival Takes Place in Ljubljana until 30 September

The event opened on Monday with a concert of the Polish cellist and composer Resina in Cankarjev dom, Cultural and Congress Centre. Her performance was accompanied by video sketches of nature.

This year, the theme of the festival is the phenomenon of elusive landscapes or mirage landscapes. It will be disclosed in various formats. Thus, on Tuesday, the Cukrarna Gallery will host a collective exhibition dedicated to the festival, where visitors can experience an “automated” wind blow, see the reflection of sound in a kinetic sculpture, illuminated landscapes, and compositions of underwater soundscapes.

Besides, there will be the Ventorgano performance by the Austrian artist Andreas Trobollovich and an eight-channel spatial composition Souvenir by the British Alastair McNeill.

On Wednesday, an audio-visual evening will be held, the programme of which will include a double concert organized in cooperation with Slovenska kinoteka and Kino Šiška. On Thursday, art experts will discuss their activities. In the evening, a concert of the Turkish duo FezayaFirar will take place in Pritličje.

Special guests of Sonica will perform on Friday in CUK Kino Šiška. The Flanger band, a German legend of electronic music, released the Lollopy Dripper album last year. The musicians prepared a unique live concert using modular synthesizers, computers and special effects.

After its completion, the festival will move from Kino Šiška to Tovarna Rog, where the sound and visual artist Machine Woman (Russia) as well as the Berlin producer Ziur will take the floor. Their performance will be accompanied by Slovenian DJs Nina Hudej and R36.

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Опубликовано Machine woman 21 сентября 2017 г.

In accordance with the main theme of the festival, the final event will be held in the open air – in the courtyard of the Švicarija Creativity Centre in the Tivoli Park. At noon, the GranuRise creative workshop will begin its work, followed by the Jam session and a performance by the experimental noise band Kikimore. The festival will end with a concert by German sound experimenter Jan Jelinek.