Sorica – One of the Most Beautiful Villages in Slovenia

The amazing landscape and combination of natural beauty with the human-made creations transform this place into a unique tourist attraction of the country.

A small village of Sorica nests in the Alps. It lies at the border of the Železniki municipality and the neighbouring Tolmin and Bohinj municipalities. Many people consider Sorica to be one of the most beautiful places in the country. This is due in no small part to its remoteness.

“Spring is born here within the smell of fresh herbs full of hope. Waving grass calls for summer. Autumn comes with the first yellowed leaf, which in the symphony of sunlight acquires a velvet-red shade. Further snowfalls bring winter,” these are the romantic words used by the locals to describe their native village.

Sorica is one of the “cinematic” places in Slovenia. Natural attractions are captured in many films, for example, “Lucija”, “Pastirci” and “Ljubezen nam je vsem v pogubo”. The local cemetery served as a decoration for filming the funeral of Meta Presečnik, the main character of the famous Slovenian movie “Cvetje v jeseni”.

The best view of the village opens from the bench near the monument to the most famous villager. A belt pedestrian route accompanied by yellow signposts was also named after the artist Ivan Grohar. The route begins at his house and invites tourists to the most intimate and unique places of Sorica.

This land has a rich history. At the end of the 13th century, settlers from Tyrol (present-day Austria) by the order of Bishop of Freising inhabited the territory of the Lower and Upper Sorica. In these villages, a colourful German dialect sounded until the end of the World War II. Until 1947, in the immediate vicinity of Sorica, the so-called “Rapallo border” lied, the remains of which (bunkers) can be still found in the local meadows.

It is possible to reach Sorica by any transport from Železniki or Bohinjska Bistrica. Until the end of October 2017, the road through Petrovo Brdo (the entry to the village from the side of Primorska) is temporarily unavailable due to the ongoing repair works.