Source of Investments for Slovenian Hotels?

The Russian and Serbian companies are the most active investors for Slovenian hotels.

Slovenski hoteli

Slovenian hoteliers support every person who is willing to become a hotel owner and at the same time understands the basics of hotel business. The CGP construction company from Dolenjske is at the final stage of building the first five-star hotel in Ljubljana, which will become part of the international hotel chain Intercontinental. The hotel with 165 rooms will cost about 45 million euros. Meanwhile, the Term Dobrna and Lek hotels (the Municipality of Kranjska Gora) received the new owners. The Dutch company Comfort Hotel Management purchased the hotels.

According to the Statistics Service, for 11 months of 2016, the number of overnight stays in Slovenia was by 8% higher than in 2015. In Ljubljana, hoteliers report on a “tourism boom”. Official figures confirm this fact. In 2015, Ljubljana reached the target of 1 million overnight stays in October, and last year this figure was already surpassed in August. However, the experts warn that an increase in the number of tourists in Slovenia in itself does not eliminate the risks of investing in hotel infrastructure. An investment in a hotel is an investment in the future. Here, it is impossible to count on a quick profit.

Therefore, the Slovenian hoteliers want the major hotel owners, desirably the representatives of international networks, to own their hotels. This will ensure the inflow of investments into promotion and marketing of a specific tourist attraction. “By an example of the Ramada hotel chain (it includes two hotels in Kranjska Gora), we can confirm that the transfer of experience, standards and knowledge on the part of the international hotel chains into Slovenia is highly welcome,” says Simona Mele, a member of the Hit Company Management Board and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hit Alpinea Company (the trustee of the hotels in Kranjska Gora).

The Director of the Slovenia Invest real estate company Jacqueline Stuart emphasizes on the recently observed great interest in Slovenian hotels. According to her, buyers are divided into four groups: rich people from Slovenia, from the Western Balkans region, as well as from Central and Eastern Europe, local and regional companies that want to expand their activities, the current hotel owners and wealthy members of the Slovenian and former Yugoslav emigre community, who want to return home from the West.