Spar Slovenija Builds a New Multifunctional Centre in Ljubljana in 2017

The SES Company, the operator of Spar shopping centres in Europe, will build a multifunctional centre in Ljubljana (the Šiška microdistrict) costing around 100 million euros. The construction will begin later this year.

The new Centre will not be the largest by area in Slovenia, but it will be the most modern one. Igor Mervič, CEO of the Spar Slovenija subsidiary, notes that the construction permit was obtained despite serious competition and bureaucratic obstacles that, contrary to the promises of the Government, remain significant.

In the new Centre, Spar Slovenija will open the Interspar store (middle in area) and employ 140 staff members.

Spar namerava

Spar Slovenija Soon Opens the 100-th Supermarket

The Spar Slovenija subsidiary’s income in 2016 amounted to more than 743 million euros, which is 2.4% more than in 2015. Igor Mervič is very pleased with this indicator, since each year the retail chain of the foodstuff stores “continues to decrease”. In total, Spar Slovenija owns 99 supermarkets and 10 franchise stores. This year it is planned to open the 100-th anniversary supermarket.

Igor Mervič notes that the Spar supermarkets mainly sell products of Slovenian production—their share is approaching the figure of 70%. The main attention is paid to improving the satisfaction of customers and employees. According to CEO of Spar Slovenija, the Company strives to be the best in the category of foodstuff freshness. Increasing attention is being paid to bioproducts and even vegetarian products of the Slovenian and exclusive brands to meet diverse consumer tastes.