Spring Week of Restaurants: 99 Slovenian Restaurants with Similar Prices

The traditional annual Week of Restaurants starts in Slovenia. From 10 to 19 March, the best Slovenian chefs will pamper guests of their restaurants with special equally priced menus of 17 euros.

The campaign involves 99 Slovenian restaurants, nine of which participate for the first time: Restavracija Union (Ljubljana), Steakhouse (Maribor), Restavracija Amon (Olimje), Hotel Planinka (Ljubno ob Savinji), Gostilna Triglav (Dobrna), Gostilna Ribnik (Zagorje ob Savi), Tri Lučke (Sremič), Gostišče Kapušin (Krasinec), Gostilna pri hrastu (Nova Gorica).

This year Lower Styria is the leader according to the number of participating restaurants — 27. It is followed by Ljubljana with suburbs (26), Upper Carniola (15), Slovene Littoral (14) Lower Carniola (13) Prekmurje (2), Inner Carniola (1) and Carinthia (1).

“The number of visitors of the Week of Restaurants in Slovenia is growing every year, and their food preferences and expectations are becoming more sophisticated. Each year, the menu cost grows by 1 euro,” Uroš Mencinger, a culinary critic and organizer of the Week of Restaurants, notes. He adds that the spring Week of Restaurants is a special challenge for chefs, because they start planning menus as early as in winter, and in mid-March, they already serve “spring” dishes. “In the current year, Nature is a golden thread and, figuratively speaking, a green thread of the Week of Restaurants.”

All information about the booking procedure, participating restaurants, availability of places, and choice of menus is provided on the official website of the Week of Restaurants.

Source: rtvslo.si