The State Research Agency of Slovenia (SRA): 17.7 Million Euros Are Annually Allocated on the Training of Young Scientists

The great hall of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SAZU) will host the ceremony in honour of the 30th anniversary of the “Mladi Raziskovalci” scientific program.

The “Mladi Raziskovalci” program was started in 1985. Its first aim was to provide the financial support to the postgraduate education of 2,000 young scientists until the year of 2000. According to the State Research Agency (SRA) data, the program has been successfully implemented until recently, when the economic crisis tampered with the process.

For 30 years of running the “Mladi Raziskovalci” program, 7,570 young scientists participated in it, and 4,987 of them further acquired the PhD degree. The majority of them had the Master’s degree and devoted themselves to science. In October, a new generation of young scientists entered the world of science. Today 677 young professionals are studying on this program.

In 2015, the SRA allocated 17.7 million euros to finance the training of scientists, which is more than 13% of the Agency’s budget. The average amount of funds allocated annually for training young specialist amounts to 30 thousand euros, according to the SRA press release.

The SRA analysis indicates on that in 2012–2015, the Mladi Raziskovalci program “had an optimum average index of young scientist employment—about 200 people per year.” Approximately 100 people are employed with research organizations, 50 persons go into business, and the rest continue their career elsewhere.