State Support for the Woodworking Industry in Slovenia

The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of Slovenia allocates 5.05 million euros from the European funds for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises of the woodworking industry. Applications for participating in the programme shall be accepted until 16 August 2017.

The corresponding programme for supporting small and medium-sized business is published on the official website of the Ministry. The document is aimed at developing or improving products and services in the woodworking industry. For 2017, it is planned to allocate 2 million euros, and in 2018—about 3.05 million euros.

The purpose of this programme is to open new work places, recruit new employees and increase the value added per one employee, as well as to stimulate business development in the field of woodworking. The Ministry also plans to implement a set of measures to increase the efficiency of resource use (materials, water, energy consumption, encouragement of using wood wastes, etc.)

It is expected that this programme will ensure support for at least 10 projects (enterprises). Small and medium-sized companies registered as commercial enterprises, individual entrepreneurs or cooperatives as well as social enterprises transformed under the law on social entrepreneurship can take part in the contest.

The participation in the contest is available for enterprises that offer goods and services in the field of woodworking in Slovenia and have registered the processing and recycling of wood, manufacturing of products made of wood, cork, straw, and plaiting materials or production of furniture as the main (or one of the main) commercial activities.