Statistical Portrait of a Student in Slovenia: Data of the Pan-European Evroštudent Study

The average student age in Slovenia is 24.1 years. One third of the country’s students work. On average, the work activity of a Slovenian student takes 14 hours a week. 38% of Slovenian students are motivated to find work. Unlike all other European countries, Slovenian students decide to continue their studies immediately after secondary school. This is evidenced by the data provided by the Pan-European Evroštudent study, which was conducted from 2016 to 2018 in 26 countries around Europe.

According to this study, the primary expenses of students in Slovenia relate to accommodation and meals (the total amount is about 500 euros per month on average). Students cover their expenses with their own earnings or parental assistance. Almost half of the students in Slovenia live with their parents and relatives, and 19% live in dormitories or rent housing.

It should be added that 4,968 Slovenian students took part in the Evroštudent study.