Street Art Project Gremo Ven! in Ljubljana

The Gremo Ven! Project by a famous French artist Julien de Casabianca introduces the skill of street art to the wide audience. He adorns city buildings and constructions with art reproductions from museum collections.

History of the Gremo ven! Project began in 2014, when Julien de Casabianca saw the painting “Portrait of Madame Rivière” in the Louvre, which was written in 1806 by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. “The painting was beautiful. It was obvious that the painting was lost among other canvases and seemed as if it was grieving. I was captured by an outrageous desire to free the painting from its frame and take away from the museum,” as cited on the National Gallery website. This first street-art reproduction was followed by hundreds of other portraits that escaped from the silent shadows of museum halls to the vibrant urban streets.

Julien de Casabianca transfers famous paintings to the walls of houses in urban districts and takes photos of them. He even engages local residents in this art. There are creative workshops in dozens of cities around the world. They help everyone who wishes to establish a contact with the cultural heritage hidden in local museum collections.

Projekt participativne ulične umetnosti

In Ljubljana, Julien de Casabianca has already decorated the Mahrov’s House (Mahrova hiša) with the image of a red-haired girl Henrika Šantel from the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Slovenia. On 3–5 May, he leads the workshop of street art in the National Gallery. On 5 May to 4 June, the Gallery will host an exhibition of 15 photos of his projects in different cities around the world.

The creative workshop is designed for children from 10 years and older. Students of the basic school OŠ Prežihov Voranc and members of the Gal’s Club will take part in this exhibition. Each of them can choose one painting from the collection, take a photo of it and make a projection of the enlarged image. Kristina Preiniger from the National Gallery says that the selected paintings printed on posters will take their places in various districts of Ljubljana.