Student Competitions on Rafting at the University of Maribor 2016

At the beginning of the student summer vacations, the traditional rafting competition will be held on the basis of the University of Maribor.

Студентські змагання з рафтингу

The entertainment event with the spirit of excitement and athleticism will be held on 1 July at the Lent embankment. Each student can gather a team and participate in a high-speed swim in water. An exciting racing time awaits for the participants!

Registration for the event begins at 12:30 PM, the race starts at 1:00 PM. Upon completion of the competition, the ceremony of awarding winners with cups and medals will be held.

For a rafting competition, it is not necessary to have special skills, but just a bit of courage and fighting spirit.

Студентські змагання з рафтингу в університеті Three teams-winners of this competition will also receive a beautiful reward — a trip to PohorJet.

In the evening on 1 July, the KMŠ Club will hold a party organized by the Student Council of the FERI.

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Video of the rafting competition held last year: