Student Elizaveta Popova: Self-discipline, Self-education, and Self-development – Three Pillars of Education in Slovenia

Our today’s interviewee is a 3rd-year undergraduate student from the University of Nova Gorica, Elizaveta Popova. She will soon become a certified specialist in Viticulture and Oenology. Earlier, the girl graduated from a medical college in her homeland. In Slovenia, Elizaveta decided to engage in laboratory research focusing on the biochemistry of plants. She does not idealize the Slovenian system of education and notes both the advantages and disadvantages that, in her opinion, are present. At the same time, Elizaveta emphasizes that the years of studying in Slovenia helped her gain an important experience consisting of the ability to set priorities and overcome difficulties. Elizaveta Popova tells frankly about the impressions of her studies and life in Slovenia in an interview with a 2TM journalist.