Student from the University of Maribor Wins the International Track-and-Field Meets

Aleš Zver, a student of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Maribor, won two competitions in two weeks. First, he won the 12th Memorial of Matica Šušteršič and Patrik Cvetan in Ljubljana (a 400 metres run with the result of 51.11 seconds), and then he was second to none at the Open Championship of Zagreb (a 1,500 metres run with the result of 4 minutes and 5.22 seconds).

Aleš Zver is a permanent member of the national team of Slovenia in track and field athletics. He won the title of the country’s champion 20 times and set three national records. On 27 June, the Sports Department of the University of Maribor approved the co-financing of Aleš Zver’s expenses for participating in 2017 sports competitions. The decision was made based on the successful results of the athlete and his plan for training and competitions.