Student of the Ljubljana School of Design—Prize-Winner of the International Art Contest

A student of the School of Design (Ljubljana) Sara Farah Kurnik took 3rd place at the international art contest “Extinction of Coral Reefs” (Slovene: Odmiranje koralnih grebenov), conducted by the American environmental protection fund Living Oceans.

The third place, according to Sara, is an excellent result. “Our task was to come up with a new super-colony that would help the coral reef develop and feed,” explains Sara Farah Kurnik.

The super-colony, invented by Sara, is an invisible gaze of predators, a translucent alga living in symbiosis with a coral reef. “In the search for a suitable idea, several sketches appeared, and the initial draft in general is completely different from the final drawing. I had to put a lot of effort into creative implementation of my idea,” the student says.

How does Sara understand the reward? “A new impetus, a new image, in the sense that people will know about me, and that I already have a certain reputation in the US—and that’s great,” answers Sara, who decided to dedicate her life to art. She wants to study on the Art programme. However, she is also interested in digital painting.

It is worth noting that the success of Sara was also supplemented by the excellent results of her classmates. “5 out of 7 works sent by our school reached the finals, which is a very good result in the conditions of strong competition,” believes her teacher Saša Vitežnik.