Students Feel at Home in the Dormitories of the University of Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana has 29 dormitories in different areas near the faculty premises (Rožna dolina, Bežigrad, Mestni log, Šiška, and Center). They have all the conditions for comfortable accommodation.

Besides, students have many opportunities for spending leisure time, doing sports, holding cultural events, and developing interpersonal relationships.

For holding concerts and cultural events, there is a music room with good acoustics. In spacious kitchens, students can cook meals. Dormitories also have Rožna Kuh’na restaurants, the menu of which contains a rich assortment of healthy dishes and drinks.

The administration of dormitories strives to simplify the transition of first-year students to a new stage of life, standing for mutual cooperation and respecting of rights.

This year, the deadline to submit applications for room allocation or extension of residence in dormitories expires on 16 August.

The application for extension of residence or room allocation in dormitories is submitted electronically on the eVŠ website:

References by phone: (01) 530 6027, (01) 530 6028 and Email:

The full text of this announcement is available on the Študentski dom Ljubljana website under the heading “bivanje razpisi”: