Students from Ljubljana Develop a Charging Station for Electric Aircraft

The creation and development of a network of stationary charging stations is an important step towards increasing the popularity and prevalence of electric powered aircrafts. This was stated by representatives of the University of Ljubljana. Ultra-light electric aircrafts do not have a built-in charger on board. They can only be recharged through dedicated stationary charging stations.

The aim of the project, which involved students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Computer Sciences, as well as the Academy of Arts and Design, was to produce and install a charging station for electric planes. When refuelling a plane, the need for a stationary charging method was proved in practice.

During the designing of a stationary electric charging station, students used the knowledge they received from studying regulatory academic subjects. For the first time, the station was put into operation at the end of August. Now it is in production.

In the Development Department of Pipistrel, with the staff of which the students worked together, they plan to modernize the existing model of the station. Then it will be tested at the Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology to receive the CE certificate, after which the charging station will go into mass production.