Students from the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Nova Gorica Publish the Artepakt Journal

A year has passed since the students from the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Nova Gorica have started publishing the Artepakt journal. It features materials on Slovenian linguistics, general philology, literature, history, art, digital humanities and migration studies. The journal is designed for a wide range of readers.

Materials for the Artepakt journal are prepared by the students of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes of the Faculty of Humanities — ‘Slovenian Language and Literature Studies’ and ‘History of Culture’ (both Bachelor’s degree programmes) and ‘Slovenian Language and Literature Studies’ (with majors in Literature Studies and Philological Sciences), the pedagogical study programme ‘Slovenian Language and Literature Studies’, ‘Digital Humanities’, as well as ‘Migration Studies and Intercultural Communication’ (Erasmus Mundus). Journal editor: Anika Velišček. The editorial board includes Lionella Costantini, Ana Cukjati, Mateja Konič and Anika Velišček. Corrector: Ana Cukjati. Designer: Mateja Konič. They are all students of the Faculty of Humanities.

Artepakt is also released in the electronic version. Designer of the electronic version is Samo Bihar, a student of the Academy of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica. The electronic version of the journal is available at

The circulation of Artepakt is 50 copies. The printable version can be found in the Nova Gorica University Library in Rožna Dolina, in the France Bevk Public Library in Nova Gorica and in the Damir Feigel Library in Gorizia (Italy). The leadership of the Faculty of Humanities and the University of Nova Gorica welcomes this student project, while stressing that it is absolutely independent.