Students of the Kranj Gymnasium Organize a Mini Meeting of the UN General Assembly

Students of the Kranj Gymnasium organized a mini meeting of the UN General Assembly. As part of the international project, in which students “copy” the work of the UN and hold debates on certain topics, the Kranj Gymnasium students hosted their peers from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Hungary. The event was organized and held by 30 students of the international study programme at the Kranj Gymnasium.

The event took place from 12th to 14th October 2018. Jelko Kacin, a diplomatic representative of Slovenia to NATO, also the Kranj native, took part in the plenary session as a guest. The Secretary-General of the United Nations on those days was a fourth-year student Tadej Rajgelj.

The debates of the young “UN diplomats” were focused on discussing topical issues of international politics: the war in Syria, problems of violence, etc. According to foreign participants, they see the cooperation in such events as a contribution to improving mutual understanding between people. The Kranj Gymnasium held such an event for the first time, hopefully not the last.