Students, Please Apply for an Express Interview

Ljubljana. On 25 May, the Career Centres of the University of Ljubljana will host the Festival of Express Acquaintances between students and employers — The Elevator Pitch Festival: Univerza gre na trg 2016. It will be held at the Kongresni trg in front of the University administration. Students can register to participate in the Festival on or before Thursday (5 May).

Those who will participate in the Festival and Express Acquaintances with employers will be required to attend a special preparatory workshop, where they will prepare for unusual questions that may be asked by potential employers. They will become familiar with the course of the event and will receive tips on perfect preparation for an interview.

The preparatory workshops will be held from 16 to 18 May.

In addition to Express Acquaintances, the Festival will also offer expertise services and expert evaluation of resumes; communication with the representatives of the Career Centres of various European universities; the presentation of professions that are currently under development, such as manager on ideas, data searcher, designer of the future; as well as the presentation of interdisciplinary education programs of the University of Ljubljana and the perspectives provided thereby.