Students to Know More about Erazmus+ Programme at the Izzivi v Tujini 2017 Event

A traditional event Izzivi v Tujini will take place at the University of Ljubljana on 14 November from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Everyone can receive detailed information about international exchange programmes in the large conference hall of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The topics to be raised at Izzivi v Tujini:

  1.  Specifics and advantages of Erasmus+.
  2.  CEEPUS programme and other scholarship programmes, which allow to study abroad.

At the website of the Career Centres of the University of Ljubljana, students can find detailed information about the event and register for participation in it.

In November 2017, the MObilni noVEMBER campaign will be held at the University of Ljubljana. To receive detailed information about the events that will help students learn more about international mobility programs, click here.