Successful Start-ups in the Gorizia Region

The four successful start-ups were presented in the Primorska Technology Park in Vrtojba on 19 October. One of them represents the area of LED light technology, the rest three—the audio technology. All companies have innovative and technologically advanced products and operate in the global market.

Prebojna zagonska podjetja z Goriskega - Передовые старт-апы региона ГорицииThe Darc Award for the LED Luks Start-up

LED Luks was the first start-up presented in the Primorska Technology Park on 19 October. It specializes in the production of technical lighting fixtures with LED-technology. In September, the Company received the prestigious Darc Award for the EOS Circular model, which entered the Top-10 of lighting equipment for engineering purposes in 2016. The Darc Award is presented according to the results of the “People’s Awards” international competition for the best innovations and lighting fixtures design.

In just three years, the LED Luks Company has been able to develop a wide range of lighting devices, which are sold in 23 countries around the world: in Europe, Russia, Australia, the Middle East, and New Zealand.

Prebojna zagonska podjetja z Goriskega - Передовые старт-апы региона ГорицииOLLO: Excellent Headphones and an Innovative Low Frequency Pillow

OLLO became the second successful start-up. This is a young team of 4 people who needed only a year to develop headphones with the BSETM low frequency pillows (Body Sound Experience) for sound producers and professional DJs.

The OLLO headphones have a convenient ergonomic shape and suit ideally for comfortable use. They are used together with a BSETM pillow, which is made of a high quality artificial leather and filled with a foam of high-strength cells. This allows the tactile sensor located inside the pillow to successfully transmit audio signals at low frequencies.

The OLLO Company is focused on people who do not have standard music studios or who are forced to share the workspace with other staff members, who can be interfered with the sound.

Prebojna zagonska podjetja z Goriskega - Передовые старт-апы региона ГорицииErzetich and its Amplifiers Used by the World Famous Musicians

The Erzetich Company produces high-tech audio amplifiers for private or commercial use, which increase the sound quality. The Erzetich Company introduced its first amplifiers in 2013 and immediately won the hearts of buyers all over the world—in Russia, China, Japan, Australia, Europe, and Thailand. Within three years, the Company has received a lot of feedback and suggestions from customers and distributors. This has improved the functionality and aesthetics of the products.

The Erzetich aims to work on an exclusive and serial production and focuses on the high quality of sound and technical perfection of products. In the course of production, the amplifiers are repeatedly tested by musicians, recording engineers, and with the help of special devices.

The Erzetich Audio Amplifiers inspire the world famous artists, such as Guano Apes, Billy Gould (Faith No More), Anneke van Giersbergen, and others.

prebojna-podjetja-goriskega-3MAG-LEV Audio on the Kickstarter Platform with the World’s First Levitating Turntable

The MAG-LEV Audio team consists of eight people representing two companies: the Topsol and the Desnahemisfera. The Company has recently become widely known thanks to its world’s first turntable with a vinyl levitating in the air by means of a magnetic cushion. It is designed for those who appreciate the sound quality, technological innovation and modern design. The turntable has been officially unveiled on 12 October at the Kickstarter platform, where the product developers claimed that they would collect more than 300,000 US dollars within 40 days.