Summer Doctoral School at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana

The Summer Doctoral School has its own vision on providing educational experience in a comprehensive study of the added value. It offers the school participants the services of best teachers and specialized courses that complement the standard research activities of doctoral students as part of the regular program of training for future PhD.

The courses of the Summer Doctoral School render information in a very concentrated form, so all of them are designed for one or two weeks of intensive work. The Summer Doctoral School provides an opportunity to communicate with doctoral students from other countries and institutions, collect new data for their research work as well as exchange ideas and knowledge within the international format.


EUR 600 — the registration fee for the 6 ECTS courses
EUR 800 — the registration fee for the 9 ECTS courses

All fees include the costs of teaching and learning materials, access to the library of the Faculty of Economics, computer rooms, wireless Internet access, lunch from Monday to Friday as well as a guest package.

The fee does not include accommodation costs. Information on the possibilities for accommodation in Ljubljana is available upon request.

Courses and Dates:

  1. Experimental Design in Social Sciences (ECTS: 9), 4–8 July 2016:
  2. Neuroeconomics and Financial Management (ECTS: 6), 4–8 July 2016:
  3. Advanced Structural Equation Modelling (ECTS: 6), 11–15 July 2016:
  4. Case Study Research: Design, Execution and Publication (ECTS: 6), 11–15 July 2016:
  5. The Theory of Innovative Enterprise (ECTS: 6) 11–15 July 2016:
  6. Empirical Methods For Economic Analysis (ECTS: 9), 18–22 July 2016:
  7. Theory Development (ECTS: 6), 18–22 July 2016:

Every week, the Faculty members will organize social (network) events for all participants of the Summer Doctoral School. All participants can also apply for the additional weekend trips, which are organized as part of the Summer Doctoral School program:


Attention! Registration for participating in the Summer Doctoral School will be open until 24 June 2016.