Sweet Fashion Contest

The Koper Youth Centre and the University of Primorska conduct a contest for designers. First prize involves 300 euros and publication in the Elle Magazine.

The aim of the contest is to give an opportunity for young designers to publish their ideas and experience in the famous trendy magazine. The professional jury will evaluate all the applications with regard to all submitted materials (mood boards, text presentations, sketches and photographs, as well as brief presentations of models). The jury includes Branka Poljak (fashion designer), Lorella Flego (journalist, TV presenter), and Petra Windschnurer (editor of fashion and beauty section in the Elle Magazine).

Top 10 designers will present their works at the Sweet Fashion Festival on 29 September in the St. Francis Assisi Protocol and Event Hall in Koper.

Contest Procedures:

  1. Contest is open to designers from 15 to 30 years.
  2. Contest participant must be the author of the collection.
  3. Application means participation in the contest and acceptance of its terms and conditions.
  4. Participants allow the organisers to use the claimed materials for the contest and festival promotion and publish them in their magazines. In this case, the copyright is reserved for the author of the collection.
  5. It is permitted to use old materials and techniques (mood boards, sketches, models) that were created before the contest.
  6. Works that do not meet the conditions of the contest will not be considered. All decisions of the Commission are final and not subject to appeal.

To participate in the contest, the following materials should be prepared:

  1. Mood board (base, concept, materials and colours)
  2. Short text to present the collection
  3. Sketches for the entire collection: 6–8 models, the front and back views
  4. Ready-made 4–5 models from the collection.

Documentation should include:

  1. A mood board in electronic form (photo or scanned image).
  2. The text to present the collection in electronic form (.doc, .odt, or .pdf formats).
  3. Photos or scanned images of the entire collection (front and back views).
  4. Photographs or scanned images of models emphasizing the style (each model separately).

All photos and scanned images must be in JPG/JPEG format. Contestants may also make a PowerPoint, Impress or pdf presentations based on their works and submit them to the jury.

Documentation should be filed by e-mail or regular post. For filing in electronic form, four folders should be created. Each of them should store a specific category of documents (mood boards, collection sketches, texts of presentations, implemented models) and be named according to the contents.

Documentation files recorded on a CD or a DVD, should be sent to the Koper Youth Centre (Javni zavod za šport in mladino Mestne občine Koper, Gregorčičeva 4, 6000 Koper) signed as “Natečaj Sweet Fashion”. Deadline for applying: 7 July 2017 (stamp of a post office). Contestant’s name and surname should be specified on a CD (or a DVD). Besides, the cover letter must indicate the applicant’s personal data (name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail). The organizer is not responsible for possible damage to the media sent by regular post.

Documents may be sent via email. A letter titled “Natečaj modno oblikovanje” should be sent to info@mladi-koper.si. The letter must list the participant’s personal data (name, surname, address, telephone number). The format of the backup files is .rar or .zip. The Commission will consider documentation that was received via email before 12:00 midnight on 7 July 2017 only.

References: info@mladi-koper.si. Facebook.

Source: soup.si