Sweet Spaetzle with Buttermilk and Jam

For those who like breadcrumbs and delicious desserts a la fourchette. Cooking takes only 10 minutes.


  1. 250 g of powdered or fresh egg yolks (“spaetzle”)
  2. 3 spoons of butter
  3. salt
  4. 2 tablespoons of breadcrumbs
  5. sugar and jam to taste


1. Boil egg yolks, drain them and set aside.

2. Heat butter in a frying pan, add crumbs, a minute later add spaetzle (boiled yolks) to the pan and fry them a bit.

3. Sweeten and mix well.

4. Put on a plate and serve with jam as a regular dessert.


Tip: If you have a small frying pan, cook in two stages.

Version: A tablespoon or two of ground poppy seeds or coconut will ensure an excellent taste. Slightly warm jam from fresh fruit will do well instead of jelly. Raspberry and blackberry give the dish a fantastic taste. With the help of a few selected spices, a simple dessert becomes food for the gods.


Source: delo.si