Talum Group Offers Professional Scholarships for Students of Higher and Secondary Vocational Institutions

The Talum Group offers 47 professional scholarships for students of higher and secondary vocational institutions.

Thirty scholarships are intended for persons who receive a secondary vocational education: machine building engineer and processor (5 scholarships), mechatronics engineer (5 scholarships), metalworking engineer, toolmaker (5 scholarships), electrical engineer (5 scholarships), electrician (5 scholarships), and processing metallurgist (5 scholarships).

Seventeen scholarships are awarded to students of higher educational institutions studying under the Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Metallurgy, and Informatics study programmes.

Applications will be accepted until 31 July 2019.

The professional scholarships by the Talum Group range from 150 to 250 EUR depending on the average academic performance. Representatives of the Group suggest that students prepare undergraduate course works, Bachelor’s and Master’s theses under the guidance of corporate specialists and choose the topics of their theses taking into account the Talum’s development trends.

Additional information about the professional scholarships

Source: vecer.com