Tamara Vardanian: Your Home Is in Your Heart

A lawyer from Armavir moved to Slovenia 5 years ago, having met her future husband during a sea voyage through Greece. They celebrated their wedding 10 months after the first meeting in the Logar Valley.

Tamara says that Slovenia resembles her native Krasnodar region. The country has the same rich nature, mild climate and excellent food.

“I am very happy here. My home is where my family is—my husband and my children. Your home is in your heart. You can carry it with you,” Vardanian says.

According to the woman, the Slovenians are “just superb”.

“All of them are very nice, hospitable people, they are happy to help us. The Slovenians are a sporting nation. I also like to go in for sports. Now I am fond of jogging. In Russia, I was fond of yoga and dancing.

Tamara and her husband have two children: a daughter (4 years) and a son (2 years). They both go to kindergarten. Vardanian speaks Russian to her children, and the husband speaks Slovene.

As the Russian woman notes, life in Slovenia is more measured, people work without much stress and rest often. They go in for sports or have other hobbies, spend more time with their families.

Source: siol.net