Teachers of the University of Maribor at the “Excellence in Science” Project

In 2016, the Research Expert Council on Sociological Sciences included the article “Two sides of the same coin? The Role of Rumination and Reflection in Elementary School Teachers’ Classroom Stress and Burnout. Teaching and Teacher Education, 2015”, 47, 131-141. doi: 10.1016/j.tate2015.01.006 written by the teachers of the Pedagogical and Philosophical Faculties of the University of Maribor, Dr. Katje Košir, Dr. Sare Tement, Dr. Marte Licardo, and Dr. Katarine Habe, into the “Excellence in Science” category (“Odlični v znanosti”).

For the fifth consecutive year, the State Research Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (SRA) organizes a series of events dedicated to the best achievements of the Slovenian Science. The project entitled “Excellence in Science” (“Odlični v znanosti”), held by the SRA, is called to inform on the research activities and their significance in the modern world, and to promote the integration of science into other spheres of social life. The “Excellence in Science” project, read more details at the SRA website: www.arrs.gov.si

Source: um.si