Telekom Slovenije Develops a Construction Management Programme

An application developed for the Masivna Pasivna Company ensures a safe storing and archiving of documents, a remote management of construction in real time with a live video broadcast facility, sorting and tracking of used materials, quality certificates, etc.

The innovative construction company Masivna Pasivna, d. o. o. combined the best qualities of the classical masonry and technological-assembling construction of wooden houses. In cooperation with Telekom Slovenije, they transferred the process of preparation and execution of works to a digital basis.

Why is it attractive for the country and the environment? In its work, the company practically does not use paper. The company extends the practice of effective use and safe handling of documents to subcontractors, partners, suppliers and the entire construction industry.

The application meets the needs of the construction industry, provides control over the implementation of a construction project, as well as secures storage and remote access to documents from various devices. It is primarily intended for clients, but all project participants (architects, contractors, suppliers and construction companies) benefit from it.

“Today, clients need not just a built house, they value ​​reliability, control, quality and efficiency. Therefore, we have adapted the construction to the modern pace of life and simply transferred it to the client’s screen. Now everyone can track the process of building a house of their dreams in real time, and at any time have access to the documentation related to it. Webcams and a platform for accessing digital construction records provide clients with efficient and simple remote control (24/7),” the company notes.