Ten Thousand Saplings of Various Tree Species to Be Planted as Part of the “Let Us Rejuvenate Forests” Campaign

Today, on 13 October 2018, the Slovenian State Forests Company (Slovenski državni gozdovi, SiDG) together with its partners is holding a special campaign called “Let Us Rejuvenate Forests” (in Slovene: Pomladimo gozdove), within which about 10,000 saplings of various tree species will be planted.

According to the company’s General Director, Zlatko Ficko, the campaign is aimed at restoring forest areas damaged by the last year’s storm, and is being held to educate the public about the role of forests in the society and each individual.

It is worth noting that forests occupy more than half of the country’s territory, and up to 30% of green areas are relict broadleaved central European forests and mountain dark coniferous forests. Beech and oak forests of the foothills are replaced by mixed and coniferous forests of mountain regions, turning into subalpine and alpine meadows. The species composition of the local flora is considered one of the richest in Europe.

Source: dnevnik.si