The 21st Festival of Slovenian Film to Take Part in Portorož

On 10-15 September 2018, the 21st Festival of Slovenian Film will be held in Portorož. The programme features 93 films, including 15 full-length films, 17 short films and 10 student films. In total, 51 films will compete for the awards of the film festival.

It should be noted that the programme of the festival includes the Podmladek section, which will feature 11 films produced with the participation of students from the basic and secondary schools of the country, as well as 8 short animated films for children. The next Posvečeno section will present the selected classic films as a tribute to the memory of the rich history of Slovenian cinema.

The festival will also feature 3 films by Karpo Godina, the famous Slovene cameraman, director and laureate of the Metod Budjura National Award.