The 21th OTS2016 Conference — “Sodobne Tehnologije in Storitve”

The traditional 21th OTS Conference will take place at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics on 14–15 June. The central theme of this conference is the modern technologies and services.

This time the traditional OTS Conference will also offer an unbiased view of the current events and key trends in the development of modern information solutions and services, will try to find answers to the challenges faced by IT specialists in the course of their work.

The current information technologies, modern approaches to the reformation of digital sphere, information security and vulnerability, flexible approaches, mobile applications, development in accordance with customer needs, the Internet and intellectual services, architecture of business solutions and quality assurance, business analytics and processing of large data sets, cloud services (storitve v oblaku) are only part of a variety of topical issues of the current OTS Conference.

More than 50 engineers and IT-specialists will share their experiences and projects in the above areas with the participants.

They will describe a variety of current challenges and technological principles of development in the field of information systems; will evaluate the usefulness of modern information technologies in practice. The participants will be able to improve their skills at three workshops to be held during the Conference, consider the nuances of the Docker, ASP.NET 5 and Azure IoT platforms development.

The organizers promise an eventful meeting, which will present new knowledges and an exchange of practical experience. They will also take care of an interesting and profitable informal networking.


OTS 2016 Invitation for the participants download file

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