The 22nd Volkswagen Marathon Ljubljana 2017

The famous Slovenian marathon will be held on 29 October at 10:30 a. m. An extremely picturesque route passing through the streets of Ljubljana provides the international reputation of the competition.

The marathon, which since 1996 has been annually gathering thousands of runners in the streets of Ljubljana at the end of October, is becoming a more and more status event each time. It was primarily designed for local runners, but soon became an important international competition. In 2014, it was attended by more than 22 thousand athletes from 40 countries.

The main disciplines in the competition are the classic marathon (42 km) and half-marathon (21 km). Besides, there are amateur races for different distances and even a half-marathon on rollers and handbikes. On the day when the marathon is held, people of all ages flee the streets of Ljubljana at different routes with different levels of difficulty.

The event will be livestreamed at the Planet channel (live stand-ups) and the website. The Planet 2 channel will continuously broadcast a live coverage, including the 10 km race.



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